March 17, 2008

1. Does being an FTM help you understand women better? How and why? or why not? (can be in dating or just in general)

At first I thought this would definitely give me an advantage to dating women since I was born female.  However there is something fundamentally different between the way I lived my life for 25 years and the way the women I date tend to live their lives.  I never dressed as a feminine woman or dated men as a female so there is still a disconnect between that.  I also feel that when starting hormones, I really became attached from my emotions and this put me at an even further disavantage to understanding my female partners, espeically when it came to romantic involvement.

The only slight advantage I did have with understanding women is that occasionally when they complained about their periods or about cramps, I could sort of sympatheize with them. Although now that I’m on “T” and it’s a thing of the past, I’m not really seeing the compassion anymore in my head.  Strange actually.

The one area I still tend to find I understand women the best still is with sex. I still find that transguys make the best lovers because we are still in tune with female anatomy the best because it is the signifier between what we lust after and what we hope to one day remove from our ownselves to make masculine We watch our clitoris turn into a small cock and are happy. This allows us to pay close attention to our sexual partners with increased interest.  The more and more I am on testosterone I realize that females are all beautiful in their own way. Even the more butch of a woman is still a woman to my masculine nature now.

2. In a couple of places it’s been said that FTMs have “the best of both worlds,” in that they have both feminine and masculine traits. What is your response to that statement? Please explain why you agree or disagree.

I would have to disagree. I think that once I started testostorone whether consciously or unconsciously I abandoned most or all of any lingering female traits. I don’t think i had many to begin with but that may just be me.   I think FTMs that straddle the gender lines more then others can be said to live in both worlds. But for me personally I’m extremely masculine and would not appear to many has a best of both worlds scenario.


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