under my chin

March 18, 2008

so I wake up this morning and I am alerted to the fact that I have hair under my chin leading down towards my neck.  It’s not growing so intense that I need to proclaim I have a beard or anything. But there are noticeable hairs now and if you pull at them they f-ing hurt! found that out the hard way.  thank you very much.   So does this mean I should shave them off so they grow in thicker and quicker?  Man, I really don’t know how to shave and I don’t want to mess anything up.  This is serious now.  I need some help from my fellow transmen.  Should I shave or should I let it go…


One Response to “under my chin”

  1. dylansworld said


    UGH shaving sucks. I wish i could go back in time and rethink the above 🙂

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