what’s in a name?

March 19, 2008

Oh Shakespeare… for once, you had it all wrong. So much is in a name. Just the other day I had to hand over my credit card to pay for food and it had my female name on it. The woman asked me for ID and I said, it’s in the mail I’m getting it renewed. She turned to my friend and says “Is she who she says she is?”. We both grinned at the irony of that statement.

No of course HE isn’t SHE! And HE isn’t Lauren! Arrest this man, he’s using some other woman’s credit cards– oh the gender game and the name game. How I hate it! Nothing makes me more angry. I can’t wait for the day when EVERYTHING matches my current name and gender. And I’m well on my way. . .

It all started a few years ago when I first started to think about my name, my gender and how people would view me as a boy named Lauren. I knew that if I pursued the transition I would want to change my name. Not that I had any problems with my birth name, I just wanted a name that marked the transition and one that was a bit more masculine. So one day, my love friend Nicole and I were talking names. Her last name is Dillon. So we were laughing and joking on how fun it would be if I changed my name to Dylan and I would then be Dylan Dillon if we got married. The name kind of stuck within close quarters. She started calling me Dylan and a few more friends and then a few more… you get the idea. Dylan also played off of my middle name. And finally my one true love in life Dylan McKay. So Dylan it is– one day I knew that I would want to legally change my name to Dylan.

JUMP to 2/29/08– “D” Day. I stood before a judge in Burbank, CA and petitioned the county of Los Angeles for an official name change. From this point forward I will legally be known as Dylan Loren McGinty. How amazing. It all started as a fun conversation amongst friends and now it was legally binding.

After I left the courthouse, I went to the social security administration and updated my records there without much of a problem. A new card was issued and would arrive in the mail shortly.

Next stop passport. I want to travel to Mexico in a few months and since my old passport was stolen, a new one with my new name is in order. I showed the ladies my name change paper work and my birth certificates and my doctor letter. They were shocked, shocked, why I told them I was born female. What a compliment! They said that 90% of the time the Department of State matches the gender on one’s driver’s license and since my new license will say M– the new passport should say the same. Verdict still out on this one.

Next it was off to the DMV. My doctor wrote a letter explaining to the DMV that was transition was complete. I had all the necessary surgeries to date and that my gender was male. This not only allowed me to have a name change on my driver’s license, but a gender change from F to M as well. It was nerve wracking to say the least! I have never been so scared with my fate in someone’s hands before. In hindsight, I wish I brought someone with me, but maybe it was better to go on this journey alone. I walked up to the woman and asked for a name change and then threw down the gender change form. She looked at me and looked at the form and said “wait here sir”. Good sign right? She took the form to a copy machine (I had already made 2,000 copies but whatever). She came back. I had no idea what she was thinking or if this would work. She approaches again with another employee. She tells me that I have two options. Keep my old driver license number or be issued a new one. Expongement from my old record was all I could think so I opted for the latter. I breathed a bit more easily as she asked for my $22. She then said we needed to take a new picture so that Dylan could be represented. Again a breath of air. She says “You must have been really nervous to do this today. It took guts. Relax, we’re almost done here.” And with that I gave the biggest smile on a government ID anyone will have to date. I was issued my temporary license with Dylan Loren McGinty– gender male. The permanent ID comes in the mail in a few weeks

VICTORY! So what is in a name? This question was asked to me on my official name change documents in court. Reason for name change: This new name matches my identity.

PS: just minutes ago I called my credit card company to alert them of my new name and it went so smoothly. They asked for no documentation.  Wait… maybe that’s  scary!! hehe oh well. . .


One Response to “what’s in a name?”

  1. anndrija said

    good for you! that’s so great that things are coming together. it’s so important to have your name match you. my birth certificate had my name spelled wrong and i finally corrected it 3 years ago. but it’s nerve racking dealing with the courts. not to mention expensive! 🙂

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