Men vs. Women… Do I miss womanhood?

March 26, 2008

I think the first thing to address with this question is that I never really felt like a woman or a female member of society. Not in comparison to the women that I hang out with and the experiences that they have and their interaction with the world.

And secondly, there is a fundamental issue here that I think I need to address first. For me, there is no straightforward, indisputable, dictionary definition that I can give for what defines someone’s sex as male and what defines someone’s sex as female.  And I think I’m the perfect example of this loop hole.  And I won’t use myself as the default although I could negate everything and say “well i’m a man and I don’t have a penis, testicles or XY DNA, but I’ll take the challenge one step further.

If you were to tell me. Men have penis’s and women have vagina’s.  Well then I’d have to say, what about hermophrodites? Or people born without fully developed sex organs. Do we just leave them out of this? My 1-inch cock may be bigger then some biological men and I’m just a transguy taking hormones.

Well men have testicles and women have ovaries. Therefore, men produce sperm and women do not.  Again– many men have been born with testicles, not to mention the millions of Americans who unfortunately fall victim to cancer.  But nice try it was one of the best attempts I had at answering this.

Men have an XY chromosome and Women have XX chromosomes.  Well, there are many DNA chromosomal abnormalities that plague this world. XXY — Klinefelter Syndrome that affects men leaving them with many medical troubles, lower sperm count, etc.  Or X only females with Turner’s syndrome leaving them with very masculine physiques.

Again, these are just examples of some of the more challenging answers to this question.  You can go on a more simple level and say– men have facial hair and women don’t, but I would then say that the people who own hair removal shops would beg to differ. You can say women have larger breasts and men don’t, but damn, i’ve been extremely upset to find a nice pair on some men.

Women can carry children, Men can not.  Yes, The one difference, barring no chromosomal abnormalities or no hormone induced medical reasons why this cannot happen, between the sexes is the ability to carry a child.  But, many women cannot, and are unfortunately infertile or rely on serious drugs, invitro, etc.  And many couples choose to adopt. So again, not a 100% indisputable definition.

And this brings me back to my initial question– do you miss anything from womanhood. The answer is only the ability to carry a child, if my “female” body could have carried one, which due to an increased testosterone / androgen level innate in my body and my bodies inability to ovulate I could not do anyway.  But I am then forced, like most men in the world, to rely on a women to produce children or the government to grand me permission to foster or adopt a kid– a child who ultimately was born from a woman.

I don’t ever think I fully grasped the concept as female before taking testosterone and was never really viewed as a female.  It made my transition that much easier.


One Response to “Men vs. Women… Do I miss womanhood?”

  1. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is more than I expected for when I found a link on SU telling that the info is awesome. Thanks.

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