March 28, 2008

Why is it that the surgeries to create a vagina are way more advanced then the ones to create a penis? You know the white male establishment sat around and had a big hard on when they perfected the surgery to create a vagina. Look how good we are, we created pussy. Commend us. Give us your money. We can create women.  But then when a female came around and said she wanted to have sexual reassignment surgery and wanted a penis in place of her vagina. Those same fuckers ran and hid.

OK so that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  I understand it’s much easier to remove then create. But it’s 2008 and we are doing some amazing things in the medical field today. I can’t imagine that since the early 60s when surgeons first started doing SRS surgery until now, nothing more then the few options are available.  It also always seems like a trade off as well. You can trade function for pleasure. Or pleasure for function.  Not both.  Not fair! Transmen already wear their chest scars, couple that with the phalloplasty scars — it just gets crazy.  Genetic engineering, cloning, stem cell research, creating a functioning penis in which you can re-route the urethra and urinate from needs to be on the forefront of medicine in the years to come. Then and only then will I vote to get this surgery.  When the medical mass actually spends research money and energy into creating something as sacred as their mighty penis.


One Response to “Surgeries”

  1. Holly Love said

    i love you and wish i was closer to go through this things with you.

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