The Pregnant Man

April 10, 2008

So I needed a few days to compose my thoughts about this subject before blogging. On Thursday, 4/3/08 Thomas Beatie and his wife Nancy, announced to the world via the Orpah show that they were pregnant. The catch was that Thomas is transgendered and was carrying the child himself. So the media pull was that this man was pregnant. Well the headlines were correct. He transitioned and to coin the Oprah phrase is transgendering (thank you Oprah for inventing that word for me). He was on testosterone for 8 years and then went off it for 2 years before he became pregnant. [now of course, I am not his doctor nor do I know this for a fact, but this is the information I am able to gather from reputable news sources]. He did have top surgery to remove his breasts, but opted to not have bottom surgery leaving his uterus and ovaries in tact. This afforded him the ability to reproduce and thus he is pregnant with a child.

My feelings on this subject:

1. I don’t think the subject was approached correctly by the media / Oprah or even Thomas. I think the circus display of “pregnant man” was a bit too much. They should have explained the idea behind transitioning and being transgendered a bit. At least Thomas got to say his piece that his sexual orientation and attraction towards women had nothing to do with his gender identity. Point for the trans community. And he got to say that his desire to carry a child had nothing to do with his feelings of masculinity or femininity but it was a human desire. Point for the trans community!

2. I think it left much of the world with lots of questions and a very IN YOUR FACE situation. Which I”m all about, the world needs to know. and I’m grateful everyone was talking about it. But more needs to then be said about it, more follow up, not just the freak show and we’re out. It was great to hear people call me and say “i saw a pregnant transman on Oprah”. or the questions I fielded the next day on how this was possible and why, etc. Those were great life challenging, society changing questions. But I’m not sure where the support from his fellow transmen are or the trans community in general since I only found one semi-supportive blog about it on FTMI.

3. I am completely supportive of him and his wife. Their desire to have a child is a human right and I say good for him. Could I go off testosterone for 2 years? No probably not it’s not something I desire. I’m not even sure how his hormones can’t be all crazy with the increase or progesterone and estrogen and the residuals of testosterone. But he seemed perfectly happy and content. I say — way to go Thomas for bringing your story to the world– even if the media did make it into a circus– and hopefully you make it through your pregnancy safely.


2 Responses to “The Pregnant Man”

  1. […] Beatie has become. Unfortunately, I doubt the majorities are coming away from this story saying “I saw a pregnant transman on Oprah.” Instead, they’re saying they saw someone on TV who claimed to be “pregnant man”, […]

  2. dylansworld said

    Doubting Thomas–

    I completely agree that unfortunately the majority of the people in the world are not grasping the concept that they saw a pregnant transman. Well put!

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