gender terrorist

April 14, 2008

So I’ve recently been denied a US Passport because I do not have the necessary surgeries required under the Patriot Act to change my gender on my passport.  I also don’t have the necessary surgeries to change my birth certificate either.  However, I am on testosterone and live full time as a male member of society– this grants me a gender change according to the more liberal practices of the CA state DMV.  So basically, If I have a license and photo ID claiming me to be male and then a passport that says differently, this will create even more of a headache and red flag in my opinion and of course does not make sense.  Why are you so worried about my gender? Am I really a gender terrorist?

The surgery you (government, people that vote these laws into practice, the uninformed masses..etc.) require me to get is close to $8,000. It is something I would get in a heart beat if I had the proper finances. However, the insurance company does not cover it. So US Dept. of State, are you going to cover the cost in the surgery you’re requiring me to get so I am allowed to freely leave my country? No, didn’t think so. I am a prisoner, trapped and stripped of my rights to come and go freely.

If I send a letter stating my intent to get surgery, I MAY be allowed a LIMITED passport book. thank you for that. I feel less like a gender terrorist already.  Thank you for your genorisity. It really means a lot that I MAY be allowed to leave the country and that it will be a LIMITED time so my rights will then be taken away again.  But please, by all mean, let the actual terrorists in, the ones planting the bombs, infiltrating our government and blowing up our buildings. By all means, allow them safe passage in and out of the country. But definitely fear the gender terrorist trying to go visit friends in Sweden or take a weekend trip to Mexico.


5 Responses to “gender terrorist”

  1. Man, this totally sucks! I just got a new passport, with an F. Soon, I’ll have some ID with F and some with M, and will obviously need to have carry letters on hand to explain this. I imagine it will be sometime before I’ll be able to get a passport and birth certificate with an M, so I hear ya!

  2. dylansworld said

    Hey Genderoutlaw–

    Having to have some ID’s with F and some with M is exactly what I’m trying to avoid. Carrying papers around seems troublesome, but alas, if the passport does not go through, it looks like I’ll be doing this for some time as well. It helps to know I’m not alone in my fight. We should start a group– there aren’t enough people fighting for this– TransFighters or something. How are things going on your end with the Testosterone?

  3. Getting my birth certificate changed will be a challenge, and I mean that literally: it might require a court challenge against my home province. I go into some detail about this here.

    After a bit of healing from my top surgery scheduled at the end of this month, I will start some doing some research into precedence in cases similar to mine, specifically in Canada. I will be publishing that research on a website that I will announce sometime this summer.

    You’re in the US, correct? I’m sure there are some existing organizations that are well versed in trans ID issues and policy. Here in Canada, we do have a group called the Canadian Transsexual Fight For Rights (CTFFR). I’m not yet really sure what the group has accomplished or what its specific mandate is, but I’ll be digging deeper.

    I had my second shot today, lovin’ it.

  4. dylansworld said

    I just read your post– I think you challenging Quebec on this is great and I offer any support to you that I can give. I’m currently doing the same here in the US. Although my fight is between the US demanding I have surgery to change my gender and me not being able to afford said surgery yet. We have a few organizations here in the US– I’m slowly making myself known to them and trying to get them to change policies. It’s a slow fight but I feel like I’m the man for the job.

    Congrats on your second T shot!!! Isn’t it great!!!!!

  5. Yeah, I think these battles are getting more and more common. It’s easy for trans people to get caught up in loopholes and the cracks between policies and economics. Many people before us have made excellent advancements in these areas, so it’s a matter of keeping that momentum going/growing.

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