NPR– 2 part series on Transgender Children– amendment!

May 11, 2008

Firstly, thank you to Nicole for pointing this out to me.

NPR recently broadcast a 2-part series on transgender children. Blog and my thoughts to follow.

Here are the links:

Part 1: Two Families Grapple With Sons’ Gender Preferences

Part 2: Parents Consider Treatment to Delay Son’s Puberty


One of the families uses Dr. Zucker’s Treatments, the other Dr. Ehrensaft. Dr. Zucker and Dr. Ehrensaft come from a very different approach to treating transgender children. Dr. Ehrensaft encourages the transgender child and uses transgender friendly terms. Zucker, on the other hand, well why don’t you just read this snippet and make your own decision:

From Zucker’s Work as published on NPR:

“Suppose you were a clinician and a 4-year-old black kid came into your office and said he wanted to be white. Would you go with that? … I don’t think we would,” Zucker says.

If a black kid walked into a therapist’s office saying he was really white, the goal of pretty much any therapist out there would be to make him try to feel more comfortable being black. They would assume his mistaken beliefs were the product of a dysfunctional environment — a dysfunctional family or a dysfunctional cultural environment that led him or her to engage in this wrongheaded and dangerous fantasy. This is how Zucker sees gender-disordered kids. He sees these behaviors primarily as a product of dysfunction.

The mistake the other side makes, Zucker argues, is that it views gender identity disorder primarily as a product of biology. This, Zucker says, is, “astonishingly naive and simplistic.”

Zucker has come to believe that taking the view that kids are born transgender ultimately produces more transgender people.

Also, Thank you to Gender Outlaw for pointing this out! You know I read about the appointment of Zucker and the DSM-V and the horrors, thanks for being on top of this! Zucker is the head of The Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Work Group. Zucker along with 13 others will have significant impact on what goes into the DSM-V.

Read Gender Oulaw’s blog for more until I have time to post my thoughts!!

And lastly,



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