January 5, 2010

“Trans M.D.”
a film by Miriam Lassiter
produced/Edited by Dylan McGinty

Miriam is a student and undergrad in USC (majoring in Biology). She had to take an elective course in transgender studies to fill an elective requirement.  She had no idea what transgender met before beginning the course. She thought of herself as an educated, open minded person who knew gay/lesbian people.

Through the fall semester, she learned about the struggles we all face as trans people. Since her brain works on the healthcare level; she realized that our community faced specific needs that were not being met. She worked in conjunction with the film department @ USC to gain access to equipment and contacted FTM Alliance to blast an email to ask people to interview.

this is where I jumped in. I am a post production manager and offered to not only be in the film, but help produce and edit for her. While the film is a complete 10 minute documentary (per her class requirements). We intend to continue our film in 2010 through research grants, funraising and the support of Frameline Distribution.

If anyone has any interest in the film or wants to contribute footage, information, etc. Please let me know!

I live in Hollywood and am going to be getting more interviews, footage through the spring of 2010.

With that, please know this is not meant to speak to everyone, but bring the issue of trans gender health care to light. Basically, Miriam wanted to make a film to educate her classmates. the future doctors that like herself, have no idea the trans health needs of our community– in hopes that things will change in our future.

With that, please enjoy!: v=CJjNSm_Opeo


5 Responses to “TRANS MD”

  1. Jacky V. said

    Thanks! I will share this link.

  2. […] treatment of transsexuals 5 01 2010 Please share this link with anyone you know that is in the medical […]

  3. Dylan! Well done! Found this via Jacky, tweeted it and faved on YouTube.

    • dylansworld said

      Thanks so much! I’ve been quiet on the blogs lately (yikes years) but hopefully 2010 is my year for blogging and making trans positive films that educate.

      I’m hoping to do more with it so please post it and spread the love and let me know if you have any thoughts!!

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